Flashback: Japanese Awadori Festival on Saipan

Usually held in April, the Tensuiren Tokyo, Koenji Dance Team sends a group of 20 to 30 dancers to perform at the Annual Japanese Awadori Festival. There is a local Awadori group on the island of saipan that includes approximately 50+ children ages 6-16 that will be performing as well. Here is a youtube clip from last year's festival held in the tourist district of Garapan. I can't wait until the 2011 Japan Awadori Festival which should be held in April. I will post more information as the new Saipan Awadori festival nears.

Saipan Awadori Dancer's are so cute!

During the holidays, the CNMI, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands has many festivities for the locals and the tourists visiting from Japan, Korea, China, Russia, and all throughout the U.S. mainland. In Garapan, the CNMI tourist district, there are often performances on Thursday during the weekly street market throughout the year. I was able to take some photos of some of the Saipan Awadori Dancers during one of their performances. In Awadori or Awa Odori dancers are common in Japan such as the Ubon festival in Tokushima in Shikoku.

 saipan awadori 1

saipan awadori 2

saipan awadori 3

saipan awadori 4

saipan awadori 5

saipan awadori 8

saipan awadori 9